TPM: Racing against Time

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The TPM Game:
Racing against Time®

Prepare your employees to learn what Lean Management is with a TPM game that simulates manufacturing processes

Number of players
5 - 7
4 - 8 hours
Level of difficulty of running the game

About the TPM game


Preparing Maintenance Services teams to implement Total Productive Maintenance is difficult due to the complexity of the concept.

Our game in one place and at one time teaches how to integrate the activities of Maintenance Services (MS) with Production, how to monitor the work of MS, how to manage the level of spare parts, what and solutions to use and when, and how to make the best data-driven decisions for the company.

Goal of the TPM game

Attendees will be introduced to the issues of measuring and increasing the efficiency of processes in which machinery plays a major role. The program and methodology for implementing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and the application of the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) indicator to the continuous improvement process will be discussed.



The TPM board game is implemented in 2 rounds, between which participants make decisions on the strategy of maintenance activities. In action, they rely on the efficiency results (OEE) of their machines and the entire production process, as well as the history of events on these machines and the consumption of spare parts and their cost.

In subsequent rounds, specific improvement activities are implemented that are part of TPM tools, i.e. 5S, standardization, kobetsu kaizen, scheduled service, autonomous service, competence development, reduction of changeover times using the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) method.

Process simulation

Each throw of the dice is one period of machine operation, one turn - one course of the manufacturing process. The initial output of each machine is specified on the main board. Each Spec in its move also performs the production task of moving available materials (beads) through its machine.

The process simulated problems related to reactive maintenance to problems on machines, lack of prioritization of activities within TPM, lack of technical and global OEE measurement to determine the real level of efficiency of the machines.


Lean tools in the game - process simulation

Physical content of the game set

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