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Frequently asked questions

Our catalog of games includes both games for companies that do not use lean or are just starting to implement it, for companies that use some lean tools, and for companies that have a high-level lean transformation. You will find this information next to the description of each game.

Yes. Our trainers will conduct the workshop at your company’s premises, impart subject matter knowledge and share their experience with the participants of the game

If you have a trainer in your company with Lean expertise, you can purchase a license for our game along with an instructional workshop and use it for internal training. Running a simulation game yourself requires proper preparation. Therefore, we do not sell the games themselves without proper preparation of the people who will run the game.

Each game is dedicated to a specific target group. Our games involve high-level managers as well as operational employees and specialists. Each time we consult with the client on the selection of the audience of the simulation game.

Yes. Our consultants can both adapt an existing game and design a game with your team tailored exactly to your needs.

Purchasing the game with a license is “more advantageous” when your company needs the game to be used repeatedly for successive groups of employees over a long period of time (e.g., when hiring new employees) and has its own instructors ready to learn how to run the game. Otherwise, it is more effective to order a workshop with a simulation game conducted by LeanQ Team trainers without purchasing the game.

No. Instructional training is an integral part of the simulation game. The training consists of explaining the rules of the game, its process and application. It guarantees the proper use of the game by trained trainers.

Standard instructional training is aimed at two trainers. In special cases we can increase this number – this is always agreed individually with the client.

Instructional training courses last from 1 to 3 days, depending on the choice of game and the complexity of the training.

Yes, the game comes with a warranty. By purchasing the game, the company signs a license agreement acquiring the right to use the game indefinitely by LeanQ Team-trained trainers.