Complicated Machine Factory

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Lean Manufacturing Game:
Factory of Complicated Equipment®

Prepare your employees to learn what Lean Management is with a factory simulation.

Number of players
14 - 22
8 - 16 hours
Level of difficulty of running the game

About the game


The game is primarily used to prepare employees to implement Lean Management. It is applicable to both managerial and operational groups. It is based on team process improvement according to the requirements of the customer (100% compliance of orders with the designated Lead Time, 0 errors) and the organization (cumulative financial result).

Our fundamental tool is Visual Performance Management, which allows both managers and employees to monitor the process. It also ensures effective communication of problems and is a mechanism for their effective resolution.

Goal of the game

Present in a structured way the steps of implementing Lean Management and its tools in a manufacturing organization, pointing out the role of teamwork in the improvement process. The goal of the game is to improve processes using factory simulation.



Participants recognize the situation in the simulated production process and identify problems that disrupt its efficiency. The initiation and implementation of improvement activities are based on the presented continuous improvement tools and the principles of visual performance management.

Improvement activities are aimed at meeting the requirements of the customer: the specified Lead Time for the execution of the order, in the assumed quality and with the deviations in the number of orders in a given period. Improving the efficiency of the use of available resources (machines, employees, materials) by balancing and streamlining the entire process.


The game is a simulation of a factory that includes manufacturing processes i.e. assembly, cutting, bending, wire laying, painting (requiring changeovers), supplier collaboration, warehouse and production planning processes. Customer orders are variable, while their lead time is fixed (one round).

At the end of the process there is an inspection post that verifies the correctness of the completed orders. The owner of the entire process is the director, whose task is to ensure the flow of material (execution of customer orders) as well as information (terms of cooperation, communication system, error handling, escalations in the process).


Lean tools in the game

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