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Logistics Game:

Learn methods for continuous improvement of logistics processes in the warehouse that ensure the appropriate level of quality, timeliness and completeness of order delivery to the customer.

Number of players
7 - 14
6 - 16 hours
Level of difficulty of running the game

About the game


The efficient operation of the warehouse plays an important role in the process. Errors and delays that arise during warehouse operations have a significant impact on lead times. Identifying waste helps develop solutions and work standards that will significantly improve operations.

The game allows you to discuss the most common problems in processes where warehouse efficiency plays an important role. It helps identify waste occurring in the warehouse and develop solutions to eliminate them.

Purpose of the game Logistics - Warehouse

Create an organized warehouse that responds flexibly to customer demand and manages material, shipments and delivery receipts in an orderly manner.



Based on information provided by the game trainer, participants organize the operation of a warehouse with limited space for storing pallets on high-bay racks and picking. The challenge to ensure the flow of material in the warehouse is to determine the place for rotating indexes and how to handle them, and for non-rotating indexes to call them up as needed.

A key tool in ensuring the fulfillment of customer orders is the introduction of a 2-bin kanban system, the introduction of a butterfly work standard, and the development of ways to pack materials in the warehouse.


A game consisting of 4-5 rounds. It simulates the warehouse and accompanying processes such as Logistics and Customer Service. The Customer role reflects ordering customers with different delivery times.

The process simulates the problems of uneven task loads over the days of the week, delays in the delivery of materials and their impact on the timeliness of shipments, the organization of storage in the warehouse resulting in low efficiency of the "pickers" in relation to the needs of the process.


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