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Lean Service Game:

Learn methods for improvement and standardization in service processes based on real customer needs.

Number of players
6 - 9
6 - 8 hours
Level of difficulty of running the game

About the game


Implementation of Lean Service activities in service processes results primarily in reduced errors, reduced variability, reduced service time, and service delivery time.

In the course of change, the organization is transforming from a siloed one to a process-based one based on the cooperation of departments focused on a common goal: Customer satisfaction. The lean services game shows all the tools that can be applied to office processes and the results of their implementations.

Goal of the Lean service game

Simulate irregular workloads of process members and prioritize implemented actions to improve the way services are delivered consistent with Lean methodology.



A game consisting of 4-5 rounds with a designed large number of opportunities for mistakes, an external service provider and different product flow paths. Flow variability also allows to simulate the irregularity of the workload and to seek actions to balance the workload in a dynamically changing environment.

The lean service game is implemented in rounds, between which participants, based on the organization's financial and operational performance, make decisions on implementation priorities during improvement (kaizen) actions. Critical to participants' success is understanding customer needs using the Voice of the Customer method.


Players take on the roles of an Architect, Service Office and Field Advisor, among others, and are tasked with delivering a correct, responsive project to the client on time. The game simulates a large number of possible mistakes, an external service provider (office) and different flow paths for different types of services.

Characteristically, there are several independent order processors, which limits the ability to freely balance the workload of positions and transfer activities between positions. The result of the above limitation is the need to standardize the process by analyzing the order and information flows throughout the service process.


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